Sunday, January 10, 2010


Tries, avoids, more trying, more avoiding
Determination, chemistry, surrender

Asks, listens, and obeys

Continues his rhythm

How annoying, and how pleasant
How Dare, and how daring!
How remorseful, and how satisfied
Pity, Cool

Surrender, felicity

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thomas Friedman

I wrote about Thomas Friedman’s book, The World Is Flat, back in 2006. He just published a new book called ” The World is Hot, Flat, and Crowded”. Guess what his next book is? “The World is Hot, Flat, Crowded, and Busted” to reflect the economy’s melt down! I watched his interview on TV and that is what he said!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here & there...

I am really sleepy.
MIA is quit boring. There is not enough amusement here. You would think a big airport like this would have more shops or even restaurants for that matter. Concourse D has one restaurant that you can sit for a drink and food, and a “food court” that consist of three restaurants: really bad Chinese food, although it smells really good, pizza store and a desert place that also sells cold sandwiches.
Even the Duty Free, which is all the way in Concourse C, is under construction and barely has anything that worth your time beside alcohol and cigarette.
Although I am running on so little sleep and have lost few hours but the trip was awesome. I finally got to go and swim with dolphins. Wanted to do this for such a long time but never got a chance. Fortunately I was able to convince my friend to go with me. I got a kiss from the dolphin on my cheek, felt so weird but it was cute

Interesting things about dolphins that I did not know before:
1. They have pleasure sex!!
2. They don’t fully sleep but put half of their brain into sleep when they need to rest
3. The pregnancy period is one full year!
4. Their skin is not slimy and slippery (I always thought that was the case from looking at the pictures)
5. They are born with mustache but they lose it on the same day
6. Some of them are smarter than the other ones but just like humans some try harder! Awww,,, I fell so bad for that one dolphin. The trainer told us that he was more enthusiastic to put up a show for audience. Just trying to please his trainer! The smarter one however was lazy and didn’t want to do much but he knew it all.

We also went to a water park which was in the same area. It only had few rides but they were fun! It is so good to have smart friends. It is easier to trust them with your stuff. My friend is not so good with direction, but great with money. So all I had to do was to pay attention so we don’t get lost and everything else was taken care of. My friend would even check the money I would get back from the bus driver to make sure they have not short changed me! Love it….

It was so good to catch up with my friend and of course the gossip around those we both know.
I danced so much and laughed so hard that I think I am going to be depressed for few days at work. Friday night we went to three different places and last night, Saturday, we went to CoCo Bongo. They put up a show by imitating famous singers and movies (from Elvis to Matrix!). Played many rock and roll songs which was great to sing along to and dance. It will take me couple of days to get my voice back! LOL

I think we did a lot given I was there for only 2 nights and one and half day!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Faculty of Wonder

“The only thing we require to have to be good philosophers is the faculty of wonder.”
As human we have a tendency to get used to things. You wish people would consciously try to get enthralled by normal events. Those who grow up to take the world for granted bore me. It is amazing to know how to enjoy little things. Remember the first time you wrote with a sharp pen on the paper? Did you like how it felt? How the pen cut through the paper to make its mark? I still enjoy it…
Why do people find it so hard to keep the originality of things over time? Let your imagination free. Let is figure out how to keep things interesting for you.
A philosopher from Sicily believed that there are two different forces at work in nature: love and strife. Can’t it be a middle ground between these two forces? Can we not be neutral towards things?
Love is a bigger part of your life. You tend to avoid things that you don’t like and postpone thinking about it to sometimes in the near future. The funny thing is that it stays with you until you form an opinion about it.
“Why is Lego the most ingenious toy in the world? Why do people quit playing when they grow up?”
You see life as your playground. It is about having fun. Some, you enjoy more than others and some you want to keep to yourself! But it doesn’t work that way you have to tame them! You are not so good at that though. Some are very good at it but that is not one of your trades. Well actually you tame the wrong ones for some reason. Are “what you want” and “what you think you want” different?
Looking out the window of an airplane and seeing the clouds from the top is a beautiful scene. It is like looking at the ocean when it is windy. Clouds are just condensed vapor, aren’t they? So I guess they don’t only look the same they are the same.
Up here in the sky, this morning, your mind is occupied with only one thing. You really really wish that you could have it. :S

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Echt!? LOL

Living in a place for few months and knowing it is transient is not as easy as you might think. It is fun and it teaches to live free. How much you learn it up to you but being detached comes with the territory.
I remembered that they thought us something like that in our religion classes. If we learn to live life, like it is a transient stage then you would live a much more fulfilling life.

You meet a lot of new people. They are all different with different agendas, some nice, some not so nice. LOL. You are not going to let the “not so nice” ones bother you and enjoy the company of the great ones :$

Your new friend is funny, smart and of course weird. You are not sure who is weirder, you of your new friend?! After all, it takes one to know one… hehe
He doesn’t like the refinery because it is polluting the weather, when you say that it is creating so many jobs and it is a source of income for the island and he is ok with it. He doesn’t like to kill the 40 year old fish because it is old and big but it is ok to kill the small and young ones! He lets the old and big one go after catching them and is mad at Germans for eating them! He makes up words such as “sjonge jonge” lol
Who in the whole world would put his contact lenses in his mouth at night so it doesn’t dry-up and manage not to swallow it till the morning? Then wake up in the morning and swallow it?!! LOL LOL, seriously who would eat his contact lens?

You had an amazing weekend. Hiking with a coworker and diving with a friend. Hiking was very good. You are soaking wet by the time you are back down! You drive to the diving site.
There is no radio signal after a while…. You just drive and talk about everything and anything. You make fun of each other, the scenery, and the animals on the road, the tree with some orange stuff on it (wortel!) LOL Oh!

Diving was so awesome! Never thought you would like it. You were so tense but learned to let go of your fear and trust your instructor and your instinct. Your first breath underwater through the diving regulator was just one hell of an experience.There is truly another world under water, so quiet, so calm. You don’t want to disturb their life, their home. Lying on your back, looking up at the sunlight, you almost don’t want to ever go back up. It is just so peacefuuuuuuuuuuuuulllll. Tall cliffs lead directly into the warm Caribbean water. You swim in between colar reefs, observe different species of fish and feel the rush in every cell of your body. You are truly happy!

kusjes to my lovely friend for taking me diving and being so patient with me. Life just has just so much to offer. Going back to the normal life is not going to be that easy.
You have to pack and leave…you feel that you are kind of living a double life. Can’t do this for long, it is getting annoying.

I have to be in the airport at 6! LOL

Friday, October 24, 2008

The greatest irony of information age

You move faster than most people. Your brain works and processes the information that you receive very different than most around you.
Crazy people, for most part, see and feel things that ordinary people don’t. That is our reason to call them “divooneh”. Are they really crazy or are we lacking that quality, that insight?
Well, I guess it is difficult to interact with abnormality on a daily basis. We put them in an asylum just so that we can live freely!

Why can’t we just let people beeeeeee?! Why do we have to prove our point all the time?
You just want them to see your point. You don’t want them to agree with it. Just see that your point is valid and you’ll do the same.
What is the difference between being judgmental and super processor (lol)? It is a very thin line!

ADD or ADT??
I recently had a conversation with a friend. He was talking about ADD and how it is becoming increasingly more popular among people especially young ones :S. I told him that I don’t think that statement stand true anymore. Again, me being me, I have no actual date to back this up but I believe ADD was born years and years ago before we were so saturated with all kind of information from all sort of mediums on hourly and sometimes by second basis. Nowadays, this diagnostic has no ground, at least not to me. In this day and age, you receive so much information from so many different inputs that processing all of it at the same time would only be possible by a super computer (maybe).
You are processing as fast as possible. You pick and choose what you want to pay attention to and what you t leave for later to search for. Sometimes, you notice that even the ones you were paying attention to are not really sticking in your mind. You wonder how you managed before google. Maybe that is the problem. You always know that there is a back-up: “You can always google it!” AND you have so much in your mind already that you really rather push the unnecessary information out. Well actually don’t let it in to being with!

People matter, their names doesn’t as much. I rather someone remember me and something about me. I can careless if they forgot my name. I really don’t understand why people get so….

“Na to mano mifahmi, na man toro”

You are just too weird. You talk almost as fast as your brain works, sometimes you actually forget to say the words. You think you have said it though.
Communication is very important. How to communicate like normal people is what is important not communication per say. They say effective communication! Effective? Isn’t that relative? Like anything else in this world! Back to my original comment. Are crazy people really crazy?

I know I am not saying anything original here. I am sure all these have been thought and talked about before by someone but I have been thinking about it for a while now. Maybe because I am leaving away from home and have to communicate with people who don’t know me as well.

“Dele man sakete amma midoonam, hamishe,,,,,,”

According to wikipedia Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder[affecting about 3-5% of the world's population. The most common symptoms of ADHD are:
• Impulsiveness: a person who acts quickly without thinking things through.
• Hyperactivity: a person who is unable to sit still.
• Inattention: a person who daydreams or seems to be in another world.
Isn’t that more common than 5%? As I said before, I really don’t think this is true anymore. It might have been years ago but not anymoe....given our life styles. Well at least not for those who have more than 4-5 USB for information input!

You know that you have to stop it but you are not stopping as usual. Some people just never learn. Or maybe they don’t want to learn. Maybe they just want to keep trying until they succeed but you know that is not one of your traits. So why?
Why do you have to look for “the why” all the time? It is hard trying to be rational about everything while you, very well, know that some things just don’t have any logic behind them and if they do, you have not been able to figure it out yet.
You need to get some sleep. Eyes don’t want to stay open

Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Stop Whispering"

I wanted to go to the Radiohead concert in Aug. You know how much the tickets are? The lease expensive one that I found was around $150 and that is with a crappy view.
This is a first time I actually tried to buy a ticket to a concert and apparently it is normal! If people have to pay this much to go and see a concert then the music has to be free for downloading.

"Blow Out"